Patient Resources

Thank you for visiting the Michigan Spine Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MSSIC) patient education page!  Your surgeon and hospital have partnered with MSSIC to achieve a goal of better surgery results and improved quality of care of spine surgery patients across the state of Michigan. You have a very important role to play in order to help your surgeon, hospital, and MSSIC achieve that goal.  The following information will help you understand that role and provide additional education resources to assist you

Patient-Focused Questionnaires

MSSIC surgeons and hospitals track your progress over time to see how you are doing. First, we ask all patients to complete a patient-focused questionnaire before spine surgery. You will be asked to complete this by either your surgeon office or by someone at the hospital. This will help us understand your pain level, quality of life, and any problems that you may have in caring for yourself prior to surgery.

Then, you may be asked by someone at your hospital to complete another questionnaire 90 days after surgery, and also 12 and 24 months after surgery. Your perspective about your post-surgery pain level, functional status, and quality of life is very important to your surgeon and it helps us evaluate your progress. It also gives us important information to improve patient care in the future. We value your time and appreciate your participation in this vital part of the process. Thank you!

Education Resources

Your local patient care team will provide you with comprehensive education to help you feel better prepared for your spine surgery. The links below are a complement to that and will direct you to additional education you may find helpful.